Wednesday, July 17, 2013

But I grew them out!

Hey all! Its been a while.

So I had a funny dream the other night I felt like sharing.

Back story. My siblings and I have been watching Scrubs on Netflix, and we recently watched the episode where Dr. Cox's son needs stitches. This episode most likely sparked my dream.

Now to the dream. So I'm bleeding a lot from this cut I got on my head (naturally because it IS a head wound). So I find myself at my doctor's office talking to a nurse. I tell her "hey I need stitches!" And she takes one look at me and takes the surgical scissors she has in her hand and cuts bangs! I then look at her in disbelief and ask her why on earth she would do that. She replied with "Well they are to cover up your scare". I then begin screaming at her that I just grew out my bangs and now I'll have to start all over again, oh also I still needed stitches!

The whole dream made me question this new health insurance plan...

Until Next Time,
Sweet Dreams

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