Wednesday, July 17, 2013

But I grew them out!

Hey all! Its been a while.

So I had a funny dream the other night I felt like sharing.

Back story. My siblings and I have been watching Scrubs on Netflix, and we recently watched the episode where Dr. Cox's son needs stitches. This episode most likely sparked my dream.

Now to the dream. So I'm bleeding a lot from this cut I got on my head (naturally because it IS a head wound). So I find myself at my doctor's office talking to a nurse. I tell her "hey I need stitches!" And she takes one look at me and takes the surgical scissors she has in her hand and cuts bangs! I then look at her in disbelief and ask her why on earth she would do that. She replied with "Well they are to cover up your scare". I then begin screaming at her that I just grew out my bangs and now I'll have to start all over again, oh also I still needed stitches!

The whole dream made me question this new health insurance plan...

Until Next Time,
Sweet Dreams

Friday, June 8, 2012

We're really good friends

So I had one of the most entertaining dreams last night. So I was apparently really good friends with the actor who plays Gale in the Hunger Games, you know Liam. So we're running around Portland, junk shopping and such, just having a good old time. And I kept running into people from High School and I'd always introduce him as "Oh hey, so this is Liam, we're really good friends". It was hilarious and awesome all at the same time. The best part was that I kept making fun of him for getting engaged to Miley. Classic me.

Man I really need to get some more famous friends...

Until Next Time,
Sweet Dreams

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Its a grand estate

So this last nweek I've been nannying for a family in my stake. 3 kids, 13 year old girl, 6 year old boy, and a 4 year old girl. We've had our rough patches, and I've been going to bed between 9:30 and 10 PM, and waking up between 5:30 and 6, but its been mostly good.

So my first dream has to do with that. It was mostly a dream of me getting the house ready for the parents to get home (which is happening tonight in real life). I was frantically picking up all the princess, and Lego Star Wars toys. Then the Dad got back and I realized I hadn't gotten all my stuff together yet. But his wife wasn't back yet so I had some time to pack up. It was a pretty normal life dream, but it made the next one even more wonderful.

So in the next dream I was heading down to Salem with my dear friend Tracee to go visit her family. (In reality I was at her house once as a small child but I only remember the back yard) So we pull up to this mansion of sorts, more like an estate, much like Downton Abbey. It was huge, and awesome. So we vistied there for a while, but then we were invited to someone else's house. It was someone I apparently knew, like a random distantly related aunt (which is hilarious because I have plenty of real aunts down in Salem). So we go to her huge house and I start chatting it up with her charming nephew. He was super handsome, and drove his aunt nuts, which was very entertaining for me. We were hitting it off really well, which was not going over very well with his aunt. So it was kind of turning into a Sense & Sensibility type, with some Downton Abbey stuff because she had taken this weird ceramic floral wreath that was my grandmother's and I should actually have it. So then I was super upset about that, and this new gentlemen caller of mine was being super nice, and there were whispers of marriage (apparently Tracee and I were there for a few weeks).

And he was in the middle of telling me something really important when I woke up to...

a 4 year old girl tell me she had a nightmare and wanted to watch Madagascar Penguins movie.

True story. I don't ever remember having an awesome dream and then waking up in the middle of it because my alarm went off or something to that affect. It was rough. What this dream tells me though is that I've been watching way too many Barbie Princess movies, and the teenager talks about me getting married a lot. But I will say, he was one handsome man.

Until Next Time,
Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Earth Moved Under My Feet

Somewhat strange one last night.

I was back in Provo visiting, riding a bike towards some friends house.  Then all of a sudden a rhino pops out of nowhere and starts running beside me. I quickly figure out that there has been a mass breakout at the Provo Zoo (I'm pretty sure that's not a real thing, but its been a few months since I've been back...) So I kind of start panicking, not really wanted to be trampled by a rhino. So I pull back slowly and watch it take off down the next street. It was really a strange dream, but I have the desire to go to the Zoo now.

In addition, many, many years ago I had this strange half awake/half asleep dream that I looked over towards my dresser and saw a man just staring at me. In my confusion I screamed a little, and then pulled the covers under my head and stayed there for about 5 minutes. I'm still not really sure that was all about, but it freaked me out. Well my half dream/half awake friend may have came back the other night when I heard someone else breathing in my bed. This time I did not panic, I just started beating the other side of my bed, no one appeared to be there. I asked my Dad about it over dinner tonight, he had no comment. Which I can only assume means I'm officially crazy.  No real news there though...

Until Next Time,
Sweet Dreams
This is the only picture of a zoo animal I have, sorry...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dark Night

A few weeks ago I had a serious of pretty disturbing nightmares.

First off I was standing in our entryway talking to my parents and brother. I went to go lock the front door when this large man busts in yelling at us all that he's going to rob us. This was scary enough, but then he pulls a gun on me. It is here I wake up with a start, hyperventilating. True story. I couldn't back to sleep for a good long while. This was mostly weird because I don't typically remember nightmares, let alone wake up from them.

Nightmare number 2. So its Chinese New Year, I'm home alone, and I become subject to something called the spinster flame. Apparently its a custom (in my dream world) to set huge scary dragon fireworks at a house that an young single girl lives. Oh also its mean spirited. So they start letting off the fireworks and this huge dragon comes at the house. Much like what you'd see in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And naturally the house catches fire. And again, that's when I woke up again.

That last dream was mostly a nightmare because it was a Breaking Dawn dream...

Yeah I just finished rereading Breaking Dawn so it kind of made its way into my dreams. I was a werewolf I think. Kicking it at the Cullen's while Bella was big and pregnant. I'm not super proud of the dream, I'll admit.

I'm hoping for a better batch in the near future.

Until Next Time,
Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oui Madame

So I had this terrifying dream that I was back in my High School French class. And just like in real life, I could remember nothing. To make matters worse I'm pretty sure my brother was in class with me. It was pretty much my worse nightmare. Not having Jack in the class, just having to take French again. I understand ASL so much better. I should probably practice that again. But back to the class. The teacher kept asking me questions that I couldn't answer, and she was giving me the worst disappointed face in the world. I was a failure all over again.

But on a more happy note. a few night ago I has yet another Harry Potter dream. This time it was right after He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had fallen. And Me (Hermione), Ron, Harry, and some other order members head to the Malfoy's for protection detail because everyone hates them. Not really sure why we had to protect them, but they weren't making it easy.

Also I had a very enjoyable birthday this last weekend. It was super low key, but thats better sometimes.

Until Next Time,
Sweet Dreams

So I got the Quiditch Lego set for my birthday, which inspired me to pull out this gem again.

Monday, December 26, 2011


So I know I've told a few of you this but for Christmas my family has a few funny traditions.
One of my favorites is who our presents are "from". We get the usual Santa gift, and then one or two from Mom and Dad, and from other family. But then the rest of the gifts are from famous people or characters from our favorite movies, shows, and books. And lets just say my parents were in their element this year. And I just really wanted to write about how entertaining it all was. First off I got a thermal shirt from Rihanna that had umbrellas all over it! Get it! So good. Apple & Moses gave me the newest Coldplay album, since its their Dad's and all.  Barney of How I Met Your Mother got me a nice tuxedo jacket, you know so I can "suit up". "Darth.......Vader" gave me the scripts to the original Star Wars trilogy. (That ones mostly funny because we recently rewatched Revenge of the Sith and  Senator Palpatine tells him he shall be known as Darth....... Vader, like we didn't know). Oh and my Day in History Calendar was from Tom Brokaw. Good times.  Other times there are gifts from just people/ characters I like. Katniss got me a nice pair of jeans. There were some other good ones, but those are truly the best.

Also Lego Harry Potter 2 is great! As is Just Dance 3.

I really haven't had any entertaining dreams as of late. Mostly working nightmares leading up to Christmas. But I felt like I'd been neglecting my poor blog. So be ready for other random posts. Since work is going to be slowing down considerably I'm going to need something to pass all the extra hours.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas!

Until Next Time,
Sweet Dreams!